A D-5080 pan-District Project
District 5080 has NEVER participated in a pan-District District Grant. We have the opportunity to make this year even more special…with yet another venture. This ask is less than what clubs spend on the meal for a club meeting and you we’re sure can easily find the little extra money to make this happen.
In Rotary’s Water and Sanitation Month, we bring you a District FIRST. We are asking EVERY Rotary Club…Every Rotaract Club…Every Interact Club to sponsor just one very important and useful thing: a ROLL-A-HIPPO, Check it out:   https://www.rollahippo.org/
The ROLL-A-HIPPO allows women in Africa to transport water without carrying it on their heads or shoulders. The cost to your club is $75US. Clubs can collaborate in their sponsorships. The District, using your Foundation monies will match that. Both Clubs and Individuals will also be allowed to sponsor a ROLL-A-HIPPO. We have the ability to at least 65 and up to 80 units to AFRICA THIS YEAR.
ANY 5080 Club in the U.S. or Canada can send their contribution directly to the Roll-a-Hippo Foundation. They should identify the club name and that they are in D-5080.
For INDIVIDUALS wanting a tax receipt, follow the instructions below:
If you are from Canada:
  • Cheque
    • Made out to “Roll a Hippo Foundation”
    • On the memo line, identify the name of your club and District 5080
    • Mailed to Box 235, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, V0N 1V0
  • E-transfer
  • Online credit card donation
                                [Your tax receipt will be issued directly from and by the Roll a Hippo Foundation. ]
If you are from the U.S.A.:
  • Check
    • Made out to “D5080 Charitable Fund”
    • On the memo line, write ROLL-A-HIPPO PROJECT and identify your club by name or your own name if a personal donation.
    • Mailed to 3514 N. Spaulding Lane, ATTN Karen Cook, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
The checks will be processed through the Coeur d’Alene Sunrise club to the D-5080 Charitable Fund and remitted all at once to the Roll-a-Hippo Foundation.
What better way to make this Rotary year one that SHOUTS ‘We can do it’ louder than we ever have before. Think of what this can mean to the recipients! Think of what you will feel like, making that kind of a difference. We would like to bring this project together quickly so are asking that your donations be made no later than APRIL 30. 2021
We are Opening a Door to an Opportunity our District has never gone through before. ACT Today…seize the Opportunity…Join in this District Grant. TODAY.