While many Rotarians may find their Rotary life has slowed during the COVID isolating, Youth Exchange has not slowed.  Life has been very busy with students who are still in D5080 returning, and trying to find flights for inbounds .
Currently we have one remaining outbound student. She is in Taiwan and plans to stay until the end of her exchange in early July.

We have nine inbound students still in D5080.  Four of them are in Canada and five in the US.  They are from, Brazil, Germany, France, Chile, Thailand, Bolivia, Italy, and Croatia.  The students are all doing well, completing their school assignments and enjoying the freedoms we still have, long hikes, bike riding, and other outdoor activities while social distancing.  While they all have flights booked starting in the beginning of June, there is no guarantee they will get to leave.  We have had one student who had a repatriation flight in May, but it was cancelled the day before departure.  We are looking at extending their visas should the need arise.

On Monday May 11, the committee met with Bob Quay and Tim Frederickson, and we made the difficult and painful decision to suspend the 2020-21 youth exchange year.  Our partners have been notified.  The outbound candidates have been notified, and will be referred to 2021-22 year should they chose to go out.  A lot can happen in a year, as we all know. 
With the program suspended for sending and receiving students, it does not mean that YE will be sitting idle.  We will be training YEOs via virtual meetings in Sept.  We will be holding a virtual rebound camp once our remaining student returns.  YEOs will be asked to actively seek students for the 2021-22 year.  We also will be updating our website and all of our documents which badly need some attention.
For those who ordered shirts, currently they are still at the vendors.  COVID lockdown happened just as the shirts were ready.   Washington State is opening up, so we will soon collect the shirts and mail them out.  If there is more than one order per club, they will be bundled into one package, and we will mail to one person, and ask them to deliver the remaining shirts.  Thanks everyone for supporting our fundraiser.