Posted by Allan Davis on Mar 02, 2019
I write with some news and updates about District Foundation, Grants and training.
  1. There are now new, updated and simplified application forms for District Grants available. They’re posted on the District website.
  2. We will receive more money than expected for District Grants this year – about $18,000 more, so if you have been hesitant about applying for a District Grant…now’s the year.
  3. We will be posting a list of QUALIFIED CLUBS based on the training taken at Grant Management seminars. The one we hosted in October 2018 provided qualification for District and/or Global Grants, depending on which level of the seminar you attended: 101 & 201- District Grant level; 301 – Global Grant. If your club was unable to get a person to attend, and you now want to become qualified to apply for a grant…have no fear: we have on-line webinar modules you may request and they each have a test at the end. If this is what you need, please contact either Bill Furey at or Allan Davis at and make your request. We need to know your name, the reason your club couldn’t attend the Fall session and which level of Grant (District – local, District - International, Global) you intend to apply for. Don’t wait too long!!
  1. Foundation Committee Chairs from each club are called to attend the District Spring Training event for a session tailored especially for them. It will cover all the things a club committee chair is expected to do and provide the resources needed to do those things. You are strongly encouraged to bring your laptop or tablet and make sure your MY ROTARY account has been activated. [that’s necessary to get access to your reports]. Those who are continuing in the role or who will be new to the position are the target audience. If we have room, others are welcome. This will be a working session.
  2. I’m sure you’re wondering how our overall status is progressing in our Foundation donations. We’ve slowed a bit but we’re still moving forward. I have great hope we can exceed our achievements from last year, especially for our BOLD GOAL #1. For the Goals set, and met or exceeded…
ANNUAL FUND HONOR ROLL: [new additions boldfaced] Bonner’s Ferry, Castlegar, Castlegar Sunrise 2000, Clarkston, Colfax, Columbia Center, Cranbrook Sunrise, Deer Park, Fernie, Invermere, Kimberley, Lewiston, Moscow, Nelson Daybreak, Post Falls, Radium Hotsprings Sunrise, Rossland, Trail, Wallace, Walla Walla,, Walla Walla Sunrise, Waneta-Trail Sunrise.
POLIO PLUS FUND HONOR ROLL: [new additions boldfaced] Cranbrook, Creston, Greater Spokane Valley, Invermere, Moscow, Nelson, Orofino, Pasco-Kennewick, Post Falls, Richland, Sandpoint, Spokane Aurora Northwest, Trail, Tri-Cities Sunrise.
There are still a few clubs who have yet to make their donation both to the Annual Fund and to Polio Plus. We’re counting on you.
For those clubs hoping to achieve one of the BANNER recognitions – for Polio Plus, the threshold donation level is $1,500 and for the TRF Giving (EVERY MEMBER) which shows 100% of members donating – the minimum per member (personally) must be $25 US along with the club averaging $100/member. Nobody has reached that yet in the Annual Fund but there are several clubs very close. Several have achieved the Banner Recognition level honor in the Polio Plus category.
Remember…our BOLD GOAL #1 - that EVERY member donate SOMETHING to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund. Last year only 42% of our members personally donated and to date, we’re at the 37% mark which is only marginally higher that my last report. I truly expect we will exceed our mark of last year.
As of Mar. 2… for all of you number people…here’s where we are as a District:
Dec. 3/18
Jan. 23/19
Mar. 3/19
Annual Fund Goal
% Club Goals reported
No. Clubs reporting donations
46 of 56
51 of 56
53 of 56
donations to date
 % goal achieved
No. members donating
470 of 2,268
755 of 2,207
804 of 2,186
% members donating
No. EREY Rotarians
% EREY Rotarians
Polio Plus Fund Goal
% Club Goals reported
donations to date
% goal achieved
No. Clubs reporting donations
31 of 56
35 of 56
39 of 56