Posted by Allan Davis on Sep 10, 2018
We’re pleased to announce that registration for both the Foundation Dinner and the Foundation Training day are now OPEN. Hyperlink s for both registration and the hotel room block are below as well as in the calendar slots for the days: Oct. 26 & 27.
Here’s some details about the breakout sessions:
Grant Management 101, 201, 301 – these are intended as stand-alones and will qualify clubs, given the attendance requirements, for different levels of grant application. 101 is intended for clubs that have NEVER applied for a (District) Grant of any sort – it will cover the very basics and focus on the simplest and smallest of the grants: the District Community Grant. 201 is intended to provide clubs with limited experience with the tools to handle the District MATCHING Grants – those that are slightly larger and need a connection to an Area of Focus. 301 is for those clubs that have experience from other grants but wish to venture into the world of GLOBAL GRANTS and the complexity they entail. Qualification for grants carries attendance requirements with it that may extend over more than a single year. It is recommended that participants in 101 and 201 also attend the Stewardship breakout to make sure they understand the full responsibilities of working with Rotary Foundation money. Grants focused on in 101 and 201 are the types that are adjudicated by The Grants Approval sub-committee.
Grant Writing Skills, Tips and Tricks: This session will allow club members who are in the process of preparing to or are in the midst of filling in their application, to benefit from the experience of ‘seasoned veterans’ of the process. Learn how to make things simpler.
Paul Harris Society – A program only recently adopted officially by The Rotary Foundation, this breakout is designed to inform Rotarians about what exactly this program is and how a person can join it. It can be particularly beneficial to the member, the club and the District.
The Endowment Fund and Major Gifts – long a mysterious area of the Foundation, many Rotarians are unaware of how extremely beneficial this are of the Rotary Foundation can be to both them and Rotary’s work. There are so many ways to donate to The Rotary Foundation and leave a legacy at the same time. Attend this breakout to learn about these opportunities.
VTT – or Vocational Training Teams: This breakout will provide insight into the world of Vocational Training teams, something that explains the difference between them and the older program called Group Study Exchanges. It’s like turning the whole thing upside down.
Stewardship: There’s far more to doing projects than just writing a proposal and application and getting the money. The Rotary Foundation along with District 5080 has some very strict rules about how the monies must be handled, accounted for, spent and reported. To learn about these requirements and how to make life easy for you and your club (and your District Committee), you should attend this informative session.
Fundraising and The Annual Fund: Just how is a club supposed to encourage club members to donate to The Rotary Foundation? What sort of goal is reasonable for a club to set and how is that decided? Why bother telling the District what that goal is? Why should it matter if only the club makes the donation to the Annual Fund and even discourages individual members from making their own personal donations? What are Recognition points and just what good are they? What is our District’s #1 BOLD GOAL this year and how does it relate to this topic? Attend this breakout to find answers to all these things.
Polio Plus: Come and hear the latest facts about our ongoing battle to eradicate Polio. Even though we’ll have just past World Polio Day, if your club made a special thing about that day, share it with others- maybe they can use your inspiration.
Peace Scholarship Program: A session to learn about this incredible program. Perhaps your club has a person who would be the perfect person to become a candidate. Find out how this can happen.
International Service Initiative: You may think that you know what International Service is but do you really? What is your experience in performing International Service? What is this initiative that TRF and RI are engaged in that helps clubs and districts work collaboratively in this type of service? Find out by attending this session.
Club Committee Chair/member: This is simply a time/room where people from different clubs serving on their club’s Foundation and/or International Service Committee can gather, chat, share stories, tell of their problems and seek help and answers. It’s the opportunity to get out of your echo chamber J
To register for Training day, CLICK HERE  and complete the necessary selections. This form is used for both the Friday dinner and the Saturday training. Please complete all sections, based on your choices.
Since the date for meal selection has passed, we can not guarantee availability of a lunch on Saturday. The Friday Dinner is now closed to registration. Rooms may still be available:
Accommodation block reserved at Centennial Hotel, Spokane:
Call the Group Reservationist (MaryJean) at 509-755-6644 [and make sure you indicate you're with the Rotary event]

Even though the September 20 date for room block has passed, if you contact the hotel and speak to the GROUP RESERVATIONIST directly, you will be moved into the room block rate, we're told.
Please note that a session is subject to change and cancellation on sudden notice due to unforeseen circumstances.