Posted by Ned Morris on Oct 01, 2018
Youth programs are in integral part of Rotary and the way we support our young leaders and future leaders. Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Rotary takes action on fostering the servant heart of young people by providing opportunity to engage in serious leadership while having fun. Interact is one of the strongest programs that Rotary has to offer and is very active in several areas of our District here.
The question that our District’s Interact Chairperson often receives is how do we as Rotarians get kids more involved in serving their community and globally. The trick is to get kids excited about opportunities to serve, to use their time and talents to make lasting change for the better in our world, and an Interact club is a great way to do that. Empower young people in your community to take action, develop themselves and their leadership skills, and gain a global understanding through Interact. Meeting with peers, sharing ideas, organizing and carrying out projects, being active in community projects are all motivating for youth. Interact clubs bring together young people to develop the leadership skills needed to organize and carry out at least two projects every year, one project that benefits their community or school and one that promotes international understanding. This program is a great way for kids to feel part of something bigger while having fun. Interact club provides the building blocks for future service as adults
Not only does Interact challenge youth to reach new heights in their own development and service, it will also energize and inspire your Rotary club while building connections in the community and around the world. A committed Rotary club is essential for the success of an Interact Club. Rotarians meet regularly to mentor and guide Interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills. We have several great Rotarians in our District supporting Interact clubs who are great resources for others looking to start or grow Interact clubs in other communities. There are further resources online at . It’s time to get kids involved!
Service Above Self! Calling all Youths between 12-18 years old!
Connect with leaders in your community and around the world to:
  • Take action to make a difference in your school and community
  • Discover new cultures and promote international understanding
  • Become a leader in your school and community
  • Have fun and make new friends from around the world