Posted by Allan Davis on Nov 16, 2018
What Clubs are doing for Foundation Month
We’re halfway through November and Foundation Month. You’d be surprised at what some clubs do to draw attention to OUR FOUNDATION. Here’s some examples of what some clubs have done or are doing during FOUNDATION MONTH.
Did you know that …
  • One club increased public awareness at a Major Junior Hockey game on World Polio Day. With their working IRON LUNG, they spoke with spectators as they headed in to the arena, answering questions about what it was, how it was connected to Rotary and giving out current information. It was very impactful to the members too – as they listened to some seniors explain to what an iron lung was and why it was needed. Thanks, Cranbrook Sunrise.
  • Some clubs have embarked on a variety of simple activities, highlighting The Rotary Foundation, from simple club programs for information and updating to a series of video screenings. There are many that use the videos available on VIMEO to good advantage. Thanks Fernie, Creston and Invermere.
  • A Dinner for 8 catered by the club President raised $800 for The Foundation. Only the top 8 ‘bidders’ got to attend. Well done, Cranbrook Sunrise.
  • In another club, following viewing of the Governor’s video for the month, three prominent members challenged their members with a ‘match of $100 each, to member donations… with an excellent result – a check to TRF for $1,000. An outstanding result for a relatively small club. Terrific, Pullman.
  • Still another club takes the profits from the sale of Christmas wreaths and sends that to the Foundation’s Polio Plus Fund, in the club’s name. They’re successful enough that they reach the $100 per member level. Another small but mighty and committed club. Way to go Spokane Valley Sunrise.
  • Taking advantage of the fondness of Rotarians to wager on football, the club runs an annual pool on the Canadian Grey Cup – selling squares for a modest price. The winner’s pot ($100) is graciously donated to the Foundation in that member’s name. Lucky the Grey Cup happens in November (you’d think that planned on purposeJ ). How about that, Castlegar. I’ll be looking for a square to but soon.
  • Many clubs have instituted the practice of their ‘Happy Bucks’ and/or ‘Fines’ being remitted to their personal TRF account. It’s amazing how much fun it has produced and how incredibly generous people have become, knowing they can get fun-fined or be really happy and get a tax credit receipt at the same time. Great example to others, Hayden Lake. I’ve heard of several other clubs that do that for November.
  • At least one club decided that For World Polio Day and the entire month of October, members chose to donate all of our "Happy Dollars" to Polio Plus. As they say…”We are a small Club and enjoy sharing stories at the beginning of each meeting.” It doesn’t matter what size a club is…stories have a huge impact. Try is and see. It’s not the size of the club, it’s the size of their effort. Well done, Hayden Lake.
  • And our final club to report said that “this month we are organizing our Winter Fundraiser, selling Christmas Wreaths. They are hand made with live boughs on a ranch in Montana.” Thanks and congratulations, Hayden Lake.
It doesn’t have to be huge, or glitzy but just like our BOLD GOAL #1, it should be SOMETHING. You’ve still got time to organize something. What are you waiting for?