Wildfire Relief
As we hear that some of our District communities have had their first snow fall, we wonder how the fire victims in Malden, Pine City, Colfax and Orofino are coping with the aftermath of the devastating wildfires...?
Glenn Johnson’s letter describes what he saw in Malden and Pine City when he drove through there after the fire.  Glenn is the mayor of Pullman, and also a member of Pullman Rotary Club.  You can find Glenn’s letter in the “Files” section of the Community Service page here
As winter is drawing closer, we see an urgency in the relief efforts.  Therefore, our Community Service Committee is calling out to all the clubs (or individual members) asking for donations so that we can help the victims with food, gas and daily necessities as soon as we can.  
We are asking each club to send their donations (including private donations) and mail (or e-transfer) them to the Rotary District 5080 Charitable Fund by Friday, November 6.
You can find:
1. How to make a Donation to Wildfire Relief
2. Tax Receipt Form for Private Donation
in the Files.
Your donations will be used to purchase gift cards of stores such as Safeway and Walmart and/or gas cards for the victims.
Canadian Clubs Contact:
Mayumi van der Pol
US Clubs Contact:
Alison Weigley
Thank you for your support!
If you have any questions, please contact:
Mayumi   van der Pol
Community Service Chair
District 5080