Contact: Allan Davis
Online Registration

Qualification Seminar

for District Grants

For clubs wishing to receive Funding assistance for a project through a District Grant, whether for a Local project or an International project, this seminar is manadatory.

It is:

  • for club members who are contacts on an application [at least 2 of the 3 listed contacts on the application must complete this seminar] *any member may participate*
  • connected to a specific application (i.e. non-transferable)
  • for the club Stewardship designate (can not be a contact person on any of the applications for the club)
  • qualfiying the club to receive and manage Foundation Grant money for an approved project
  • for the period during which the project is being completed (at least 1 yr and no more than 18 months -for the timeline of the project)

There will be an examination required following the seminar and a minimum score for sucessful completion is 80%.

Pre-registration is required...and can be done through this notice. Registrants will be sent the Zoom link prior to the event.

The session on Saturday and on Sunday are duplicates - attendance at only one is required.

There is no fee for this seminar.

Starting time will be 2:00pm PACIFIC time and the sesssion will last 90 minutes.