Foundation Resources for Members

There are several resources available to Rotarians and Rotaractors that are located on the My Rotary website. Access to these resources will most likely require the creation of a profile on My Rotary.

It is recommended, for consistency and ease of use, that you use the same username and password for both My Rotary and DACdb.

My Profile

This link allows you to make changes to your demographic data; Name, Picture, Contact Information, Background, Rotary Resume, Rotary Programs, Professional Experience, Areas of Expertise.

My Donations

This link allows access to your Donor History Report and Forms required to fax, email, or mail contribution or recognition points transfers.

In addition, online management of your contributions can be managed from this page. Functions include Add, Edit, and Cancel recurring donations using the Rotary Direct process.

My Account Actions

This link provides access to Discussion Groups, Connections, and Messages. This also provides for the ability to delegate your access to other members (eg. Allowing access of a Foundation Co-Chair to Club Reports and Management Functions).

Account Settings

This link allows for changes to your account Security, Communications Preferences, Sponsorship, and Services.


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