People of Action District 5080 Archives
2018 July                   
Colville, WA
Governor message:
July #1
July #2 Colville
#3 Interact Spokane Aurora Northwest
July #4 Ryan Weld, Pasco-Kennewick
2018 August  
Governor message:
Aug #1 Interact Golden BC
Aug #2 Grand Forks BC
Aug #3 Bev shares stories with members of the district
Aug #4 RYLA 2018
2018 September 
Governor message:
#1 Post Falls
#2 Moscow
#3 Colville free book program
#4 Pullman
2018 October     
Governor message:
#1 Interact Nakusp
#2 Interact Castlegar
#3 Interact Sandpoint & Colville
#4 Rotaract of the Palouse       
2018 November Foundation
Governor message:
#1  Bonners Ferry
#2 Columbia Center
#3 Sandpoint
#4 Spokane Valley Sunrise  
2018 December
Governor message:
#1 This is Bev Reed's first people of action video for December 2018. She publishes one each week. Bev Reed is the Governor for Rotary District 5080.
#2 This week Bev Reed, Governor of Rotary District 5080, shares a People of Action story about Laos.
#3 This is the third People of Action story for the month of December. It features a project in Peru.
#4 For the final People of Action story for 2018, Bev Reed Governor of Rotary District 5080 highlights a story from the Tri-Cities of Washington State. Pasco Kennewick Rotary transforms the lives of youth.
2019 January   
Governor message:
#1 Bev Reed, Governor of Rotary District 5080, introduces the subject of Ethics as part of this month's weekly People of Action Videos. How thoughts eventually become destiny.
#2 Bev Reed, Governor of Rotary District 5080, continues the weekly People of Action Ethics series.
#3 Bev Reed, Governor of Rotary District 5080, continues the Ethics series with a continuation of the Four Way Test.
#4 Bev Reed, Governor of Rotary Disrict 5080, discusses ethics in Rotary as the month closes.
2019 February Governor Message:  This week's people of action story features the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park This week's People of Action story features frienship exchanges. This week's people of action video feaures Rotoplast Surgical Project. This week's People of Action video features Rotary International Peace Conference       
2019 March 
Governor Message: Bev Reed, District Governor, highlights the Mid-Columbia Rotaract Club This week continues to highlight Rotaract Clubs. This week its Spokane and fighting hunger. During the third week Bev Reed, District Governor of 5080, tells the story of the Palouse Rotaract Club. its members feed the hungry The final People of Action video for March 2019 highligts the Mid-Columbia Rotaract Club and serving veterans
2019 April   
Gov Message:
2019 May  For the first week of May, Bev Reed tells the stories of four Rotary Exchange Students  This week DG Bev Reed provides a brief overview of Rotary Exchange Students experiences.  This week Bev Reed povides an overview of Camp Luther Haven  This week Bev Reed, District Governor of Rotary 5080, explans the Rotary Short Term Exchange Program.
2019 June  This week Bev Reed, Rotary District Governor of 5080, introduces the Rotary International Travel and Hosting Fellowship  This week People of Action shows that District 5080 is active in raising funds through its cycling programs.  This week Bev Reed, Rotary District Governor of 5080, highlights the popular Wine Appreciation Fellowship.  For Bev Reed's last People of Action video she highlights the World Fellowship of Rotarian Gourmets.