Club Visioning in District 5080


Visioning is alive and ready to serve your Rotary Club!


What will your Rotary Club accomplish in the next five years?  Who has the vision for consistency and continuity in programming and fund raising in your Rotary Club?  A Club Visioning exercise will answer these questions, and many more, as part of the Rotary Club Leadership Plan.  Whether your Club is highly functioning or on the verge of surrendering their charter, any club will benefit from the process.


At the end of the four-hour Visioning event, your Club will have a plan for the future and a clear vision of:


  • What the club stands for in the community that it serves
  • The target membership size for the club in 5 years
  • Identification of the attributes the club will have
  • The top-three prioritized objectives for focusing efforts in each of the five Avenues of Service.
  • Recommendations for improvements in the club leadership development
  • A better understanding of the Club Leadership Plan
  • A set of long-range goals for the club


If your club is interested, our District Vision Facilitation Coordinator, Janelle Harvey, will deploy a team of facilitators at the request of a motivated and prepared club.  He will help your club prepare for the event, select an appropriate time and encourage the enthusiasm and interest of your Club members.  Club preparation includes response to an email survey-as well as commitment from your Club members to participate.  Clubs are expected to provide a "working meal," such as a sandwich buffet or box dinner, for everyone, a screen and projector, easels and miscellaneous supplies.  The facilitator team will donate their time and travel.


Contact Janelle Harvey at (509 531-9418) to start the process.  Paul Harris said:  "Rotary is not an organization for retrospection.  It is rather one whose worth and purpose lie in future activity rather than past performance."