Mission Statement

Rotarians working to improve Life and Livelihood through the provision of Safe Water and Sanitation


Providing information, support and encouragement to Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts to take active roles in projects/programs to develop safe water and sanitation as a means of promoting health and alleviating hunger

Strategies for Achieving Goals

  • Creating awareness among Rotarians of the importance of conservation and sustainability and of local and global water issues
  • Creating awareness of the need for, and benefits of, safe water and sanitation
  • Developing a compendium of best practices to ensure sustainability and cost-effectiveness
  • Distributing information on appropriate technologies for supplying, conserving and purifying water and for sanitation
  • Developing and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations, corporations, agencies and NGOs sharing common water-related goals
  • Identifying alternative sources of financing to complement The Rotary Foundation e.g. private foundations, corporations, government agencies etc
  • Assisting in identifying and formulating programs and projects that will promote sustainability
  • Implementing mechanisms to determine the effectiveness of projects
  • Creating a network of experts accessible to Rotarians and Rotary clubs
  • Providing training and education on water/sanitation technologies and issues
  • Creating a forum for exchange of information
  • Creating a bibliography of relevant materials, references etc
  • Providing information on relevant conferences
  • Acting as advocates on water issues
  • Providing support to Rotary clubs seeking financial and/or technical assistance
  • Creating "Centers of Excellence" on water/sanitation
  • Operating a web-site, producing a newsletter
  • Implementing procedures to ensure sustainability and cost-effectiveness