Posted by Jerri Anderson on Mar 05, 2018

TRANSITION: A Message to District 5080 from District Governor Jerri Anderson



Can you juggle? 

The Rotary Year (July 1 - June 30) does not align with the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).  As Rotarians we have the opportunity to embrace the new Rotary year well before July 1.  Each year our Governor Elect returns from the International Assembly in January with a new RI Annual Theme, and exciting opportunities for Rotarians to strengthen their Clubs.  Our District 5080 Strategic Plan embraces succession, continuity and new initiatives to support our members.   Rotarians can multi-task.



But, can YOU juggle?

It takes a team.  The Club President has worked 8 months with the Club, and the current Rotary Year is well underway!  The Club has determined how they are going to participate in initiatives that strengthen membership.  Members have volunteered to provide succession for the new Rotary year.  Club Presidents Elect attended PNWPETS in February to bring the most current and accurate Rotary updates to their Clubs.  This is the time to complete 2017-2018 Initiatives and provide continuity, as we embrace new ideas to strengthen clubs and empower members in 2018-2019.  Our District 5080 offers two (2) powerful events to support transition:

April 7, 2018 District Leadership Training Assembly in Spokane Valley, Washington
Introduction of the 2018-2019 RI Theme, BE THE INSPIRATION
Join District Rotarians and attend a variety of classes in multiple sessions!
Log on to Club Runner District 5080 to register.
May 31 – June 3, 2018 District Conference in Sandpoint, Idaho
Celebration of the 2017-2018 RI Theme, ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE
Join District Rotarians for Club recognitions, inspirational key note speakers, fab food, fellowship & fun!
Log on to Club Runner District 5080 to register.
So, will YOU juggle?
Will your Club attend the Training Assembly and District Conference?
Will your Club complete the 2017-2018 Initiatives to engage members?
Will you and your Club collaborate to support succession and maintain continuity?
 Will you and your club join fellow District 5080 Rotarians in the work of Rotary?
April 1, 2018 - Final day for Clubs to commit as a District Matching Grant Club Partner on one of the two (2) District Matching Grants that will provide a better understanding of the District Grant Process.  (Both Grants have a Club Sponsor).   The grant application and grant process will be shared with these Club Partners to support a better understanding of the District Grant Process.   Each grant will fund a separate project in Tenwek, Kenya.  Will your Club be a Partner? 
To Partner, contact DG Jerri asap
 May 1, 2018 – Final day for Clubs to submit photos and updates on the 2017-2018 Initiatives.  Club recognition will be a highlight of the 2018 District Conference!  Will your Club be recognized?  Submit information to DG Jerri 
Initiatives include:
     Club Tree planting (photo)
     Club replacement /or installation of signage with new RI Branding (photo)
     Club contribution to Shelter Box (total $ + name(s) of Clubs if partnered)
     Club contribution to Polio Plus & any new Club Polio Plus fundraising idea (total $ + new idea details)
     Club 2017-2018 charter of Interact or Rotaract (date of Charter)
     Club 2017-2018 support of RYLA, Mini RYLA, Interact, Rotaract and /or YE (current or newly engaged)
My Official District Governor Visits in January included: a special 2016-2017 RI Presidential Citation presentation to Rotary Club of Coeur d’Alene Sunrise.  Club Visits with Fernie (President Kevin McIsaac), Greater Spokane Valley (President Heather Schelling), and Sandpoint (President Angela Oakes).  After 6 months on the road, I was elated to join my home Club of Sandpoint for the last Official DG Visit.  A special 2016-2017 RI Presidential Citation for Sandpoint was included in my presentation. 
July - New Rotary Year Starts
August ‐ Membership and New Club Development
September - Basic Education and Literacy
October ‐ Economic and Community Development
November ‐ Rotary Foundation
December ‐ Disease Prevention and Treatment
January - Vocational Service
February ‐ Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
March ‐ Water and Sanitation
April ‐ Maternal and Child Health
May ‐ Youth Service
June ‐ Rotary Fellowships
What does March have in store for YOU?  Together we are Rotary: making a difference.
Jerri Anderson
District 5080 DG 2017-2018
The snow is gone and the gang is all here!  Let’s PLANT SOME TREES!
Walla Walla Noon Rotary does Service with a Smile!  Well done fellow Rotarians and friends!