Disaster Relief in Turkey

In June 2023, the Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary Club and the Richland Rotary Club partnered with the District to provide a grant for Shelterbox Disaster Relief in Turkey and Syria.

ShelterBox is a Rotary International Partner organization that delivers essentials that aid people in rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a major crisis or disaster. In this specific case, the 7.8 earthquake displaced residents seeking shelter and warm clothing and blankets in severe winter weather.

ShelterBox has innovated its working style by maintaining warehouses all over the world stocked with a variety of items that may be included in each kit. This reduces the need to ship materials to the UK, pack the kits, and shipping the kits to the affected crisis area. The ambassadors are able to assess the needs quicker and pack kits closer to the disaster area saving both funding and time. The kits are packed with the items that have been assessed to fill the greatest needs of that disaster area.

ShelterBox will accompany and ensure proper distribution and set up needed items. Funding will purchase aid kits for the needs of approximately 50 to 100 people.

The kits can be deployed immediately to Syria and Turkiye.