Waterton-Glacier International
Peace Park Association

The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association membership is open to Rotarian's from Rotary Districts 5080, 53605370, and 5390 who have an interest in; "...supporting and maintaining the development and promotion of Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park as a symbol of friendship, cooperation and our commitment to building peace initiatives whenever possible."

As a member District of the WGIPPA, the District 5080 Governor has the responsibility of nominating Rotarians or other qualified members from the District to representative positions on the Board of the WGIPPA. The District 5080 Peace Committee has been charged with the recruitment and vetting of interested parties to fill these positions.

The current roster of District 5080 representatives to the WGIPPA are:

WGIPPA Executives

Maria Kliavkoff, District 5080 Passport Peacebuilder RC
WGIPPA President, 2022-2024

Nadine Parker, District 5080 Passport Peacebuilder RC
WGIPPA Vice President, 2023-2024

William Dunwoody, District 5080 Passport Peacebuilder RC
WGIPPA US Treasurer, 2023-2024

District 5080 Canada Directors

Kees van der Pol, District 5080 Passport Peacebuilder RC, 2024

Norm McCarvell, Nelson RC, 2025

David Savage, Cranbrook Sunrise RC, 2026

District 5080 USA Directors

Lynn O'Connor, Colville RC, 2024

Dave Walter, Bonners Ferry RC, 2025

Todd Shepard, Tri-Cities Sunrise RC, 2026

Each year the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park Association holds its Annual Meeting and Assembly in September.

The 90th Annual WGIPPA Assembly and General Meeting was held Great Falls, Montana, USA on the West side of Glacier National Park, 16 - 18 September 2022.


The  91st Annual WGIPPA Assembly and General Meeting was held at Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada, 21-24 September 2023.

21 September 2023 International Day of Peace

  • Waterton Peace Garden
  • Waterton Peace Pole Dedication

22 September 2023

  • Recreational Activities and Tours
  • Opening Reception at the Waterton Community Center

23 September 2023

  • WGIPPA Board Meeting
  • Speakers and Presentations
  • Annual General Meeting
  • WGIPPA Celebration Dinner

24 September 2023

  • Breakfast
  • Non-Sectarian Gathering | Blanket Ceremony
  • Hands Across the Border Ceremony


The 92nd Annual WGIPPA Assembly and General Meeting will be held at East Glacier, Montana, USA, 20 - 22 September 2024.

The Assembly activities will be held at the East Glacier Lodge, Montana


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