District 5080 Foundation Committee
2022 - 2023

There are several vacant positions on the Foundation Committee. If you are potentially interested in any of these roles, please contact Bill Dunwoody at whd@dunwoodyfamily.net

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William ‘Bill’ Dunwoody 2021-2024
District 5080 Passport Club
District Foundation Committee Chair

The District Rotary Foundation Committee is responsible for educating, motivating and inspiring Rotarians to participate in the Rotary Foundation programs and fundraising activities in the district. The committee serves as a liaison between The Rotary Foundation and the club members. The District Rotary Foundation Committee will consist of an appointed Chair and Subcommittee Chairs.

Jim Feeney 2020 - 2023
Columbia Center RC
Grants Subcommittee Chair

Grants Subcommittee Chair Elect

The Grants Subcommittee is responsible for assisting clubs in developing ways to participate in international service projects as well as informing Rotary clubs and/or district project committees planning such projects of the Foundation grants that can help them. The Grants Subcommittee Chair is responsible for reviewing all humanitarian grant applications sponsored by member clubs and the district itself, certifying that all applications are complete and accurate prior to the submission of grant applications to The Rotary Foundation. The District Grants Subcommittee may include additional subcommittees for District Grants Approval.

Steve Simmons 2022 - 2025
Tri-Cities Sunrise RC
Foundation Treasurer

The Foundation Treasurer receives all funds from the Rotary Foundation and distributes these funds to Clubs that have applied and approved for District Local and International Grants as well as Express Grants.

Yuen Sauter 2021 - 2024
Post Falls RC
Stewardship Subcommittee Chair

The district stewardship subcommittee is responsible for ensuring the careful management of Rotary Foundation grant funds and for educating Rotarians on proper and effective grant management.

Ashley Lenz 2021 - 2024
Coeur d’Alene RC
Endowment Fund and Major Gifts Subcommittee Chair

The Endowment Fund Subcommittee is responsible for securing Benefactor commitments, Bequest Society members and soliciting major gifts from those capable individuals to build the Endowment Fund.

Annual Fund Subcommittee Chair

The Annual Fund Committee is responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive and effective District program to achieve the District’s Annual Programs Fund giving goal.

Dr. Leslie Waters 2022 - 2025
Colville RC
PolioPlus Subcommittee Chair

The District PolioPlus Subcommittee is responsible for supporting Rotary’s commitment to polio eradication and is responsible for encouraging participation in Polio Eradication activities by all Rotarians.

Allan Davis 2021 - 2023
Cranbrook Sunrise RC
Paul Harris Society Subcommittee Co-Chair | Canada

Ian Hicks 2021 - 2024
Coeur d' Alene RC
Paul Harris Society Subcommittee Co-Chair | USA

The Paul Harris Society Subcommittee is responsible for administering the Paul Harris Society recognition program throughout the district. This includes the Triple Crown Donor program.

Vocational Training Subcommittee Chair

The Vocational Training Team (VTT) Subcommittee is responsible for promoting club and district participation in VTTs, preparing outbound VTTs for their trip, and planning and implementing visiting VTTs host itinerary.

Nancy Milton 2022 - 2025
Walla Walla Noon RC
Rotary Peace Fellowships Subcommittee Chair

The Rotary Peace Fellowships Subcommittee is responsible for promoting club and District participation in Rotary Peace Fellowships and ensures careful attention is paid to four basic elements—Promotion and Selection, Orientation, Hosting Scholars and Alumni Outreach.


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