Youth Peace Action Subcommittee

The Youth of our world are the present and future of Global Peace.

Rotary is actively seeking methods to promote Peacebuilding knowledge, interest, and activity among the Youth of the World.

Youth Focused Peace Educational Programs

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace has listed a number of Peace Curriculum programs for all age groups. This list consists of several Youth focused programs for Pre-K through High Schools as well as University Study and lifelong learning programs. 

Peace Curriculum: Rotary Action Group for Peace

Youth and Peace in Action Project, Zones 33 & 34

Rotary Zones 33 & 34, extending from Pennsylvania to Northern South America is engaged in a Youth & Peace in Action project. The kick-off for this project was held on International Day of Peace, 21 September 2021. The intent of this project is to provide peace education, training and project mentoring to schools and youth organizations within the Zones. A complete list of participating organizations can be found here.

Further information on this project can be found at the sites listed below.

Youth & Peace in Action Facebook

Youth & Peace in Action Website

My Peacebuilder Foundations

My Peacebuilder Foundations is the core online course and interactive content that is delivered in sequential modules. Course completion achieves understanding of fundamental drivers of conflict and peace. 21 Days of Challenges are also provided.

2nd Annual Global Youth Leadership Summit 2021

Youth and Peace in Action YOUnited Celebration, 14 May 2022

The Rotarian Effect: Training Young Peacebuilders Around the World