District Digest

Publication Guidelines

The District Digest if published on the last Friday of each month. Submissions for publication must be forwarded to the District Public Image Chair no later than the Wednesday prior to the last Friday of the month.

  1. Submissions for publication must be forwarded to the Public Image at least three days prior to the planned date of publication.
  2. Stories submitted for publication must be formatted with a Descriptive Title, a short introductory paragraph (400 characters or less), and if appropriate, additional story content. Please see the Website & Digest Template for guidance on how to submit a story to the District Website.
  3. Graphics for the submission must be supplied in jpg or png format.
  4. Links for publication or embedding in text or graphics must be validated by the author prior to submission.
  5. All submissions must include a by-line (individual author or committee name).
  6. Submissions must include an end date for viewing that is no longer than 90 days after the publication date.

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