Grand Forks Peacebuilder Club

The Rotary Club of Grand Forks, British Columbia became a Peacebuilder Club on 6 April 2022.

The Club has a long history of working for Peace in its local community and has partnered with the Peace Cafe, a group of local residents sponsored by the Grand Forks and District Public Library who are interested in learning about Peace and promoting activities that spread the idea of world peace.

On 30 April 2022, the Grand Forks Peacebuilder Club participated in the Grand Forks Peace Conference.

Conscious of the global challenges facing humanity—be it climate change, the pandemic, war and conflict, prejudices of every kind or widespread injustices, participants of a rising wave of conferences sweeping across the globe, are consulting together, finding a renewed sense of hope in humanity’s capacity for altruism. They are feeling connected by bonds of love and fellowship with others in a global effort aimed at social betterment.

The Baha’í community of Grand Forks is hosting, with the support and collaboration of the Rotary Club of Grand Forks, one of these conferences as another link in this chain encircling the globe.

The attached article describes the activities and outcomes of the Grand Forks Peace Conference.

Rotary Club of Grand Forks Peace Stone Dedication

On September 2, 2022, the Rotary Club of Grand Forks dedicated a Peace Stone as part of the 125-year Celebration of the City of Grand Forks.

A description of the events, including pictures of the stone, dignitaries, and participants can be found by clicking on the Grand Forks Peace Stone Dedication article. A video of the event is available at this You Tube link.



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